Andes IP has the technical and professional skills to advise on the protection and registration of new plant varieties (PVR), protecting Plant breeders’ rights (PBR), both nationally and internationally. We currently advise Universities and important European and Asian companies of plant breeding, having an important portfolio of plant varieties in process.


Our advice in PBR has the expert look of professionals of senior level in national and international experience in the processing of registration of plant varieties.


Our expert advice on plant varieties also includes high added value services that are not only limited to protection and registration, but also to more complex advisory services such as participation in agrarian heritage valorization projects, studies and description of seeds and plants and the legal and contractual aspects necessary to maximize the results of research and investment in plant breeding.


Among the services we can offer, is the development of strategies to protect new plant varieties for national registration before the SAG and abroad, technology transfer services, license agreements and leases of plants for the exploitation of species protected by breeder’s rights, support in the formulation and execution of state financing projects for plant breeding / valorization of agricultural heritage, among others.

Plant Varieties

  • Registration of New Plant Varieties in Chile and abroad
  • Varieties Prosecution before SAG, support during DUS test
  • Drafting of license agreements
  • Advice for the morphological description of species for plant varieties registration
  • Draft and prosecution of foreign applications (Europe CPVO, Latin America, other countries)
  • Documents traduction
  • Support in the formulation and execution of projects.