ANDES IP part of the ORIGIN network

ANDES IP part of the ORIGIN network


ANDES IP is glad to announce it joined the ORIGIN network, making it the first firm of Chile to be part of this partnership. This network is made up of the different actors (producers, producer organizations lawyers …) interested in the promotion and protection of geographical indications.

Among the missions of this NGO, we can highlight the promotion of legal protection and respect of geographical indications at national, regional and international levels. Besides this organization seeks to promote GIs as a tool for sustainable development for producers and communities.

After several decades were agriculture was focused on an intensive production model in order to ensure the supply of the world’s population, now it looks to promote and protect the quality and reputation of products that differ in their origins. This approach represents a collective effort by producers to organize themselves and allows the end users to know the conditions in which they were produced.

ANDES IP, thanks to the work and social commitment of its partner Andrea Lobos, advises and assists several local communities in Chile to protect their products associated with the land and agriculture.

This partnership with ORIGIN reinforces the commitment of ANDES IP to protect goods associated with their origin.

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