ANDES IP is a firm made up of trusted professionals from different areas, which are at the service of its clients, giving a personalized advice, with all its know-how and effort to protect and defend your innovation, image and creations, as well as advising their ventures.

andrea-lobos +

Andrea Lobos Cáceres

Founding partner, Senior Lawyer

imagenes_integrantes_0003_felipe fin 2 +

Felipe Burgos Osorio

Founding Partner, Lawyer

imagenes_integrantes_0002_Rodrifin1 +

Rodrigo Sammut

Partner, Lawyer

gaspar-morgado +

Gaspar Morgado

Doctor in Sciences

ricardo-andaur +

Ricardo Andaur

Sanitary Regulations

imagenes_integrantes_0001_GISELA ARAYA +

Gissela Araya Rojas

Molecular biotechnology engineer

imagenes_integrantes_0000_PABLO LOBOS +

Pablo Lobos Ruiz