Ricardo Andaur

Sanitary Regulations

Practice areas
  • Sanitary Regulations
  • New drugs applications (biological and biotechnological drugs)
  • Strategies for the fulfillment of regulatory needs in the areas of R+D
  • Authorization for medicines and sanitary products
  • Diploma course in Intellectual Property and New Technologies, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2012)
  • Diploma course in Regulatory Affairs, Universidad de Chile (2011)
  • International Medical Devices Regulations, Instituto de Salud Pública de Chile (2011)
  • Chemistry and Pharmacy, Universidad de Chile (2009)
  • Transport of Infectious substance, Universidad de Chile (2008)
  • “51st Annual Biological Safety Conference in Reno NV, USA” Poster Presentation (ID #62) (2008)
Professional experience
  • Experience in regulatory strategies and obtaining marketing authorizations for human and veterinary medicines, biological and biotechnological medicines, cosmetics, medical devices and pesticides
  • Experience in logistics, importations/exportations, compliance and medical news for detailing and advertising
  • Lecturer at Universidad de Chile
  • Spanish, English