Pablo Lobos Ruiz

Founding Partner

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Practice areas
  • Patents
  • Utility models
  • PhD ( c ) in Biological Sciences m / Microbiology, Universidad de Chile
  • Degree in Biochemistry, Universidad de Concepción (2008)
  • “Landscapes of Macromolecular Interaction: integration of experiment with theory”, Universidad de Chile (2012)
  • “Genetics as a tool for functional genomics in Bacteria”, Universidad Andrés Bello (2012)
  • “Principles of Single Molecule Biophysics and its Applications”, Universidad de Chile (2011)
  • “Molecular crowding, quantitative studies: tracer sedimentation equilibrium and static light scattering”, Universidad de Chile (2011)
  • “Análisis Estructural de Complejos Multiproteicos Mediante Microscopía Electrónica y Procesamiento de Imágenes”, Universidad de Chile (2010)
  • VIII Latin American Course on Biotechnology, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (2008)
  • “Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics”, Centro de Biotecnología Universidad de Concepción (2008)
  • “Simulación Molecular de Reacciones Enzimáticas”, Universidad de Concepción (2008).
Professional experience
  • Experience in patents in the field of chemistry, biotechnology and processes.
  • He has served as a research assistant at the Center for Biotechnology at the University of Concepción and as a doctoral thesis student at the Laboratory of Structural Biology, University of Chile.
  • He has completed internships in clinical area, in Cuba and research stays at Ohio State University (USA).
  • Spanish, English