Gissela Araya Rojas

Molecular biotechnology engineer

imagenes_integrantes_0001_GISELA ARAYA
Practice areas
  • Patents
  • Utility models
  • Master in Biological Sciences, Universidad de Chile.
  • Engineer in Molecular Biotechnology, Universidad de Chile (2011)
  • “Workshop Introduction to Intellectual Property” and “Distance learning course on the PCT – Introduction”, WIPO online courses (2013).
  • “Landscapes of macromolecular interactions: Integration of experiment with theory”, Universidad de Chile (2012).
  • “Molecular crowding, quantitative studies: tracer sedimentation equilibrium and static light scattering”, Universidad de Chile (2011).
  • “Principles of single molecule biophysics and its applications”, Universidad de Chile (2011).
  • “Structural analysis of multiprotein complexes by electron microscopy and image processing”, Universidad de Chile (2010).
  • “Protein Structural Analysis Techniques Using Electron Microscopy and Image Processing” Universidad de Chile (2009).
Professional experience
  • Experience in patents in the field of chemistry, biotechnology and processes.
  • She has served as a research assistant on projects related to the search for new antibiotics (Fondecyt and Divinocell), addressing the issue from different disciplines, such as classical biochemical, structural and molecular biology of proteins and cell division in bacteria.
  • Spanish, English