The corporate image and the signs use to distinguish the goods and services of a Company spread a series of values with which the consumers identify themselves and improve their loyalty to the trademark, achieving a strategic position in the market.

This unique character has to be assessed prior to be placed in the market with availability and distinctive character studies.

ANDES IP assists you in the necessary registration in a national and international level, centralizing the management of your trademark portfolio, allowing then a higher efficiency and lower costs.

Once the trademark is registered, its promotion and strength in the market depends on avoid possible infringements. That is why we provide a trademark watch service against new applications from competitors that might threat your commercial efforts.

Trademark prosecution
  • Registration in Chile and abroad
  • Watch surveillance
  • Trademark clearance search
  • Brand portfolio management.
  • Counseling and design of protection strategies.
Distinctive signs
  • Collective marks
  • Certification marks
  • Designation of Origin
  • Geographical Origin
Trademark litigation - Enforcement
  • Opposition, cancelation and other administrative-venue litigation
  • Infringement trials
  • Customs protection and border measures.
  • Research to detect violations of trademark rights.
  • “Cease and Desist Letters” and extrajudicial agreements.
Trademark Agreements
  • Franchise
  • License and assignments agreements.
  • Recordals