Technology Transfer

Andes - Innpulso is a joint venture created by the founding members of the firms Andes IP and Innpulso.

We have set a goal to act as technology broker from Chile, to bring to the most important markets technologies high international impact technologies. In Chile we have top scientists who do science quietly, our goal is to enable its developments to have a global impact, so we have joined our knowledge and efforts to accomplish this task.

In this way we provide services at each stage of the innovation process, supporting the development of ideas, obtaining public or private resources, protecting inventions and advising on the process of building capacity with the researchers for the transfer of the technology created, adding value to the process of innovation and collaboration in meeting the third mission of universities.

We want to be a national pioneer and leader in the development of high value-added technology management from a comprehensive perspective that includes a technical, legal, commercial, social and strategic dimension for technology transfer and installation of a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in our country.

Support in the formulation of projects
In Negotiation Assistance and drafting agreements for R & D
Technology Broker
Search for Investors
Drafting and Implementing Internal IP Policy
Establishment and consulting of spin off and start-up
Technology evaluation