R & D Management

We file and process private and public funds to finance Research & Development activities performed within Chile. We assist our clients in R&D matters always thinking how to protect any results thereof and facilitate future patenting process.

We also advise process and request before Chilean authorities the Tax Incentive for Research and Development (R&D Law), designing tailored solutions for our clients on how to find the optimal structure way to use the tax credit that this instrument provides.

Technology Transfer Services
  • Technology Broker Services
  • Contract drafting and negotiation of technologies in Chile and abroad
  • License agreements / Patent assignments / Know how agreements
  • MTA’s
  • Joint Ventures Agreements on patents rights
  • Valorization and assessments
  • Licensor / royalties studies
  • Drafting of Research and Development Agreements
  • Spin-offs / startups
  • Drafting and implementing internal IP policies
  • IP seminars / education
  • IP Assessment / Due diligence/ Audit
  • IP managements
Grants and Tax Incentives to Innovation
  • Rising of public and private funds.
  • Chilean Tax Incentive to R&D.
  • Tax planning on R&D and IP.