We guide authors of literary, artistic and scientific works throughout the adequate protection of their creation with copyrights. Computer programs, new apps or softwares are protected in Chile via copyrights as they are considered intellectual works.

Besides, we assist creators against the infringement of their work they might suffer on the Internet.

We assist and counsel our clients and draft any kind of legal documents or contracts related to intellectual works, including publishing contracts, financing cinematographic works, software licensing contracts, among others.

Copyright registration
  • Deposit of Copyright material in Chile and abroad.
  • Protection strategies
Copyright’s agreements
  • License and assignments agreements.
  • Music Industry terms and agreements.
  • Motion Picture option and purchase agreements
  • Negotiation with Collection Rights Organizations
Copyright Enforcement
  • Copyright infringement
  • Civil and Criminal Liability trials
  • Internet Service Provider’s Liability.
  • “Cease and Desist Letters” and extrajudicial agreements.
  • Legal and contractual protection.
  • Software Development agreements.
  • Deposit of Software.