As a trademark attorney, I think my brain may be altered as I am constantly asking myself if a new store, a new e-commerce or a new company has registered its trademark. I am pretty sure you already set a nice and friendly website, however, you might forget to protect your distinctive sign.

As a matter of fact, as soon as your business starts to be successful and grows, you can move to a new location, expand, hire, update your website. But the name, the logo or brand you have used from the beginning that made you recognizable in the market, has not changed. Besides, delaying this decision might imply more financial costs and also future infringement.

If you are still not convinced about the importance to register your trademark, then here are some other reasons.

As any business, we want customers to come back and buy more products or use or services. A registered trademark will allow our customers to convey a set of information so they can remember us (quality of the products, reputation…). Our brand is then a communication tool.

Besides, our trademark can be a word, any word as long as it does not describe our product or business. But a costumer can easily find us by other ways, for instance a specific color or combination of colors, a jingle, in some cases a smell (we talk about olfactive marketing). Those can be effective ways to remember a business and differentiate from the competitors.

If your business is online, a registered trademark will be use in search engine and social media. Nowadays, digital marketing is affordable and your e-commerce can reach a large number of customers across the country or several countries easily.

Besides, a bigger company can be interested in buying your business and the most valuable asset will be your trademark. It can also be the starting point of a franchise business which will allow your business to expand even faster.

In our next post, we will give some tips to take into consideration when we choose a trademark.

Should you be interested to register your trademark in Chile, South America and the rest of the world, please let us know.