CHILE: Increase in the number of trademark applications

ID-10095088By Rodrigo Sammut

Chile remains an attractive market for foreign investment and entrepreneurship.

In 2012 a record was reached in the number of trademark applications, with 28.633 applications in the first 9 months of the year. In 2015, that figure reached the number of 31,047 applications (nearly 10% increase, according to statistics from the Chilean Patent and Trademark Office (INAPI).

It is noteworthy that these results are also due to public policies in order to raise the interest and awareness of the need to protect the corporate image and trademarks. It is also explained by the improvements in INAPI’s services, particularly in the ability to file and manage online a trademark registration. The average time for the registration of a trademark went from 6.4 months in 2014 to 4.7 months in 2015.

About 70% of applications are accepted for registration without being observed or receive opposition. In the meantime, 10% are abandoned after observations/office actions, or after not paying the different official fees. It is therefore important to emphasize the need to properly monitor the processing of your Trademarks and avoid these situations. Finally, 16% are rejected by absolute or relative grounds. The remaining applications are abandoned by their applicants.

For all these reasons, we understand that INAPI meets the expectations of economic actors in a dynamic economy.

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