biolatam 2015

By Andes IP

Andes IP participated, together with its partner Andrea Lobos, to the international meeting BIOLATAM, on biotechnology, held this November in Santiago de Chile.

The conference was organized by ASEBIO (Spanish Association of Biotechnology Companies), Chilebiotech (cluster of companies in this sector in Chile) and with the support of ProChile.

All the lectures were related to innovation and the development of biotechnology, an increasing industry in Chile.

Different actors such as companies, investors, universities and public institutions in Latin America, United States, Spain and the United Kingdom attended the conference.

The successful experiences from San Diego and Costa Rica in biotechnology was also exposed. In addition, it was discussed about the role of private investors in this sector.

Andes IP took finally the opportunity to network and show its continuous support to its clients in the biotechnology area.

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